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Preserved parasitology specimens for teaching and diagnostic purposes. Eggs, larvae, trophs and cysts in 5% buffered formol, plus a variety of stained tissue sections.



2.0ml - $20.00 ea.
4.0ml - $40.00 ea.

Materials in vials fixed in buffered formol for either naked-eye or microscopical examinations.

The fecal material in 4.0ml vials provides at least 75 student units. For protozoa the concentration is no less than one per eight high-power fields; for helminth eggs or larvae, no less than 10 per 0.05ml drop.


1. Balantidium coli cysts
2. B. coli trophs
3. Chilomastix mesnili cysts
4. Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts in calf feces
5. Endolimax nana cysts
6. Entamoeba coli cysts
7. E. coli trophs
8. E. hartmanni cysts
9. E. histolytica cysts
10. E. histolytica trophs (2.0ml only) - $30.00
11. Giardia lamblia cysts
12. G. lamblia trophs & cysts (2.0ml only) - $30.00
13. Iodamoeba b
etschlii cysts
14. Isospora spp. oocysts in cat feces
15. Polymorphs in feces. Resemble amoeba cysts


16. Ancylostoma caninum adult pair - $10.00
17. Ancylostoma infective larvae in cat feces
18. Ascaris lumbricoides eggs
19. A. lumbricoides embryonated eggs
20. A. lumbricoides sterile eggs
21. Enterobius vermicularis eggs in feces
22. Necator americanus eggs
23. N. americanus rhabditiform larvae
24. N. americanus filariform larvae (2.0ml only) - $30.00
25. Plant fibers. Simulate nematode larvae.
26. Strongyloides stercolaris rhabditiform larvae
27. S. stercolaris infective larvae
28. S. stercolaris mixed larvae
29. Trichinella spiralis infective larvae
30. Trichostrongylus spp. eggs in goat feces
31. Trichuris trichiura eggs
32. T. trichiura adult pair - $20.00


33. Diphillobothrium latus eggs
34. D. mansoni eggs in cat feces
35. Dipylidium caninum eggs in dog feces (2.0ml only) - $30.00
36. Hymenolepis diminuta eggs in rat feces
37. H. nana eggs in human feces
38. Taenia saginata eggs


39. Fasciola hepatica eggs
40. F. hepatica adult preserved flat - $10.00
41. Paragonimus spp. eggs in cat feces
42. Platynosomum fastosum eggs in cat feces
43. P. fastosum adult preserved flat - $10.00
44. Schistosoma mansoni eggs (2.0ml only) - $30.00


Stained Fecal Smear - Heidenhain Iron-Hematoxylin stained fecal smear

Tissue Sections and Smears - Giemsa(G), Carmine(C), Hematoxylin-Eosin(HE)

Stained Fecal Smears - $5.00 each:

45. Balantidium coli cysts, C
46. B. coli trophs, C
47. Chilomastix mesnili cysts
48. C. mesnili trophs
49. Endolimax nana cysts
50. E. nana trophs
51. Entamoeba coli cysts
52. E. coli trophs
53. E. hartmanni cysts
54. E. hartmanni trophs
55. E. histolytica cysts
56. E. histolytica trophs
57. Giardia lamblia cysts
58. G. lamblia trophs-cysts
59. Iodamoeba buetschlii cysts
60. I.
betschlii trophs
61. Trichomonas muris trophs
62. Cysts of four amoebae

Stained Tissue Sections and Smears - $10.00 each:

63. Balantidum coli colon, HE
64. Entamoeba histolytica colon, HE
65. Plasmodium falciparum rings, G
66. Pl. falciparum brain, HE
67. Pl. falciparum kidney, HE
68. Pl. falciparum liver, HE
69. Pl. vivax all stages in blood, G
70. Sarcocystis spp. In pig muscle, HE
71. T. gondii cysts in mouse brain, HE
72. Ascaris lumbricoides adult x-section, HE
73. A. lumbricoides g. pig lung, HE
74. Dirofilaria immitis in dog blood, G
75. Enterobius vermicularis in human appendix, HE
76. Onchocerca volvulus skin tumor, HE
77. Strongyloides stercolaris human colon, HE
78. Trichinella spiralis rat gut with adults, HE
79. T. spiralis rat muscle, HE
80. E. granulosus cyst, HE
81. Taenia solium pig muscle cysticercus, HE
82. T. solium human brain, HE
83. Clonorchis sinensis human liver, HE
84. Fasciola hepatica cattle bile duct, HE
85. Paragonimus cat lung, HE
86. Schistosoma mansoni monkey colon, HE
87. S. mansoni mouse liver, HE
88. S. mansoni mouse mesenteric vein showing x-section of adults, HE
89. Scabies dog skin, HE
90. Histoplasma human lung, HE

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